Fried puri of pani puri, also known as atta golgappa puri (aate ke golgappe) or puchka puri, is rendered with fine semolina (rava) and atta (whole wheat meal). The ones made only of suji are called suji golgappa puri or suji ke golgappe.

Golgappe Recipe
Suji Golgappa
Suji Golgappa


Be sure to knead it well for good 8-10 minutes while kneading the puri dough for pani puri. Not only does this keep the golgappa puri dough elastic but it will also keep it perfect.

The dough should be of medium thickness for pani puri recipe, it should be neither too soft or thin, nor too hard or too dense.

Keep the dough covered with moist cloth and provide for a 30-minute rest period.
Please do NOT leave the dough uncovered at any point, otherwise the dough will get too dry.

DO NOT keep the  golgappa unattended in oil as they are frying. During this time, keeping the pani puri moving while frying them, is an extremely important move.

Golgappe Recipe


1 Cup Whole wheat Flour (Atta)

1 Cup Sooji/Rava

Oil For Deep Frying

Water To Knead I Used Around 200 Ml Of Water For This Recipe


In a bowl, combine whole wheat flour and suji. 

Whole wheat flour (atta) and semolina (suji) in a large bowl. Add a little water at a time and knead to form a dough. Dough should not be too hard / thick or too soft / thin or sticky. It’s expected to have medium.

Cover the dough with a moist cloth or tea towel, keep it aside for 30 mins.

After 30 minutes, split the dough into 4 or 5 equal balls of similar thickness.

Place the ball (one at a time) on a gently floured table. Roll out each ball into very thin circles uniformly. The thickness of each circle should not be more than 1.5 mm

Cut the balls out of the rounded circles with the support of a steel glass or bowl with a size of 4 to  5 cms.

Heat enough oil in a heavy base and deep kadhai until it’s hot. When the oil is warm, raising the flame to medium and continue it throughout. Slowly and softly slip the atta suji golgappa disks into the oil.

Push it gently with the support of the back of the ladle. This is going to make the puchka puri puff up. Flip and bake until light brown and crisp. (Don’t fry too long, or it’ll be too dark).

Take the atta golgappa puri out and place them on paper. Puri for pani puris is ready.


Suji golgappa puri needs only two ingredients if you want to prevent some sort of flour. However, if you decide to use flour as a thickening agent, then apply 1 tablespoon of flour per one cup of suji.

It’s a bit of a challenge to make suji golgappa puri without any flour. Yet you should definitely learn it, too. The first couple tries may or may not be a failure, make sure to follow the formula properly and be careful 🙂

Take one cup of good sooji in a bowl to produce the suji golgappa batch. Gradually, apply water and knead the flour. Kneading may seem challenging at first, but when you continue, you’re certainly going to get the outcome.

One leveled cup of sooji (semolina) needs a average of 7-8 tablespoons of water. Should you ever find like the dough is too rough to manage, add a couple drops of water and knead again. But at a point, don’t put too much water.

The suji golgappa puri dough should be smooth and medium fluffy, and the kneading period should be a decent 10 minutes. Then cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes. Offer a strong knead after 30 minutes, then grease it mildly. Roll it out into a thin disk and then continue with the same method as the Atta golgappa puri recipe described above. Sooji puchka puri always tastes crisp and sweet, but this classic atta golgappa recipe is the finest 🙂


In a blender, add coriander, basil, ginger, green chilli and tamarind paste. Blend to make the paste smooth. Paste mixed with other ingredients added in a jar. Added water to create golgappe ka pani.



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